Snuggle Bug Care

Always ensure your Snuggle Bug is tied tightly and remember to support your baby when you increase gravitational pull (by bending or leaning) while your baby is tied in your Snuggle Bug.

Always be careful to ensure your baby's neck is well supported for their appropriate age.

Should you be unsure of how to wrap your Snuggle Bug, please follow our easy instructional video.

Smaller baby: tighter fit
Bigger baby: looser fit

We would like to ensure that you, and your baby, get the most out of your Snuggle Bug


Snuggle Bug is a purely South African product click here to order.

Snuggle Bugs fold into neat & convenient carry bags.

Someone you love to snuggle with, all day long.

You're my little Snuggle Bug.

Snuggle Bug is available in a variety of great colours.
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